Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music Junkie

I felt it necessarily to explain my random blippings to my fellow blip.fm users. More often than not I choose a theme and run with it. This morning I was on a 90s indie blip kick. Other mornings I wake up and am really feeling the funk, and head in that direction. My appreciation of music goes far and wide. I listen to a lot of different genres with the same attention of detail. When I like something, I end up spending countless hours researching and exploring. Music is the one place in life that I do not limit myself. Please understand, like anyone else, there are definitely types of music that I dislike. Music I generally dislike is usually what one would hear on commercial radio. Growing up, my musical taste centered on alternative and rap/hip-hop. I definitely have a split personality when it came to music. I would spend countless hours at my local record store sifting bins. I tried to keep track of labels, some which released certain types of music (4AD, Factory, Tommy Boy, Sub Pop), and more often than not guaranteed a solid release. With the creation of the internet, my exposure to music has grown by leaps and bounds. I no longer have to rely on labels (although it’s sometimes is a good rule of thumb). I can easily listen to samples or track down individual song by that artist I’m interested in. I no longer have to special order LPs/CDs through my local record store; most gems are a click away. With the help of the internet I have been able to hunt down those records that were used as samples in those hip-hop songs I’ve always dug. This has opened a whole another world for me. I have learned that reggae is much deeper than Bob Marley and Peter Tosh (although these two are truly mighty). Country music didn’t always suck, there was a time when country was rowdy and fun. Rock music isn’t limited to the United States, it can be found on six of our seven continents. Jazz is not dead, truly amazing artist can still exist. Although it sometimes seems like music is dead or stagnant, there are artist or genres of music from other parts of the world that worth the digging. One could spend a portion of their life just exploring the music of Brazil or Africa!

Blip.fm is the first social networking site that has really captured my attention. I've tried many, but quickly grew bored with them. It's the music that has keeps me blipping. I feed off the blipsters, and hopefully the feed off me. It allows me to live out my multiple music personalities.

If you have the slightest interest in music I highly suggest you explore outside your comfort zone. Fly your freak flag without shame.

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